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Sincerely Yours

The Love Letter of Burlesque. Began her study at the New York School of Burlesque in 2010, concentrating mostly on choreography and fan dance. She has performed and participated in the New York Burlesque Festival(2019), New Jersey (2016) and Florida Burlesque Festival(2018). In 2015 she started her own production company, and has since produced dozens of many varieties of shows.


Produces Regularly in Coney Island and performs throughout the East Coast. Known for her innovating heartfelt performance art and soulful singing. Charming, elegant and tender, she graces the stage to tell a story. A story of love, of loss, glamour and grit-certainly never holding back!






HOUSE OF SIN- The Delancey 2017


Sincerely Yours has been singing and playing instruments most of her life. Her prized instrument of choice, the bassoon. When asked why such a peculiar instrument she'll reply


"I love the bassoon because of the rich, complex personalities it creates. When I play the bassoon, I can be either a clown or a stoic, sinner or saint. Every human emotion is explored. I am certain this has made a Significant impact in my exploration of burlesque."

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