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We're buzzing about the Bunny!

Wow, was last week's Glitter Gutter amazing or what? In case you weren't there, Scotty the Blue Bunny was back in town from Germany and it was his birthday! The staff of the Slipper Room had been buzzing about it all week, how excited we were to see him. Scotty the Blue Bunny was a frequent emcee at the old Slipper Room, so anyone on staff that were not familiar with him were quickly educated by the older staff. I remember one time when we were decorating the new club seeing an old flyer with Scotty touting a glorious porno mustache. What a legend. It was almost like we were anticipating the Easter Bunny.

Even the customers were excited. There was definitely a shift in energy transitioning from Debauchery and the Glitter Gutter. Different walks of life came in. Friends proudly and eagerly walking in sporting big bunny ear headbands, even bringing little homemade gifts.

At the end of the night, I cleared the tables and scooped up all the candles onto my tray. I like to keep them lit so I can still see where I am walking around the main floor. I whizzed by the remaining performers and regulars, it's sorta like our end of the night staff party. More like family time.

Scotty's eyes lit up when he saw me with the tray and we looked at each other with this strange excitement. Without saying a word I rushed up to him and he proceeded to blow out the pretty tealights like the tray was an enormous birthday cake. "Happy Birthday Bunny!" I shouted, and I felt like a little kid again playing make believe. Scotty the Blue Bunny kinda has that effect on people, he brings out this joy and wonderment. Standing larger than life, he is just himself in a bright skin tight blue bunny outfit, a character all on his own. He's naturally the center of attention but also is considerate and generous about praising others, even on his own birthday he acknowledged me and Chris Harder's birthday, which are only a day apart.

I remember the first time I met was on New Years Eve 2012. He greeted me with a full on open mouth kiss. I didn't mind, just laughed. Kisses were spread throughout that night more than glitter but I was alone that night. When the ball dropped I was throwing confetti off the balcony onto the crowd with Nick, even he has his girlfriend there to smooch in the new year. So a little later one of the Coney boys stopped by for a drink. He too missed a kiss at whatever nearby party he had come from, so he laid one of me by the DJ booth. I remember Mel Frye noticing from across the bar and I started blushing. Later that night another certain boylesque performer grabbed me behind the curtain, while drunk customers danced away the disappointments of the previous year. I didn't mind as I considered him a friend and just went with it. I like boys and so I was still kissing a cute boy. Kissing a gay man was hot and it made me feel like I was the man. I scooped him up in my arms and threw him up against the wall and as he straddled his legs around me. Although I went unscathed that night, not everyone else did, as we found a naked man passed out in one of the bathroom stalls. It took four of us and a handcart to wheel him out of the club, having to use the elevator as stairs were not an option. It was cold and snowy out but our cab we flagged down was reluctant to take the fare. We hurried him into the back and spent a good five to ten minutes pleading and negotiating with the driver to take this man back home to Brooklyn.

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